Give AR Moments

A different way to make that person so important to you happy? Give shared emotions, give AR Moments.


24 €

Per person





Different year, different gift

If there is something that we long for, is to disconnect through travelling, having a massage, enjoying a meal or an unforgettable night out. We want to do it as a couple or with friends and enjoy it to the fullest and without worries. Does it?

AR offers you the opportunity to turn experiences and moments into presents. This year treat yourself to share special moments with your loved ones. Enjoy Audrey’s, Beat and Komfort and taste a unique gastronomy, with high-quality products and a cuisine that cares for the smallest details. Relax in our Spa or simply live this getaway, which you were dreaming of for months. Share emotions with the people you love!

Do you want to know how? Call us to the telephone (+34) 900 103 798 and we will tell you all the details.

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